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CrossFit Science or maybe Paleo Diet Science.

Pain is a frequent topic of conversation among people who do CrossFit.   Hip pain seems to be fairly common.   My hip hurts.  Its been hurting for several years.  It might be tendonitis.  It might be years of cumulative damage from back packing, portaging, backsquats, back country skiing, kettlebells, or rowing.  Or maybe the series of cycling accidents of my youth.  One of my crossfit friends told me that if I followed the paleo diet my hip would stop hurting.

  • I don’t follow the Paleo Diet and I have hip pain.
  • I don’t wear a beanie with a propeller on it and I have hip pain
  • There are probably other things that I don’t do.  But right now that’s all I can think of.

Why would someone think that hip pain is caused by diet?  How much of what we know comes from somewhere we don’t know?  A lot of the time we know things because they have been repeated a lot. Or because they have been stated authoritatively. Or because the people we hang out with believe something is true. Often, we believe to belong. Or we believe because we think we have the whole story.  Check out this video on media and science.   I believe this guy (Ben Goldacre) really has to pee.  But, he’s done a good job clarifying a lot of nonsense.

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