One of the great coaches of yesteryear, Larry Barnholth who coached the George brothers, used to tell his athletes to explode out of everything. Rather than pulling yourself off of your easy chair, leap out of it. Try to find little places in your work and home routine where you can “explode.” I take the stairs at work two and three at a time. When I play backyard games with my kids, I find a place for an occasional “over the top” movement. It also has the added benefit of making my girls and their friends laugh.
Speed, speed, speed, but with a caution. One piece of advice that a Master lifter should listen to was a common warning among O lifters in the 1960′s and early 1970′s: don’t lift on “nerve” very often. I argue two points that every lifter should at least consider, if not actually genuflect before: first, never, never, never fail in training. Make every lift. Don’t miss lifts. Stay within yourself. Perfect practice makes perfect. Missing lifts can damage you, true, but more important is that missing lifts costs you a lot of energy. Simply dealing with the miss is energy consuming, but worse is the mental effort in psyching yourself up for the lift. Keep within yourself in training! Second, focusing on speed and keeping the weights in a manageable range will also save your nervous energy for meets. True, there is no “nervous energy” research, but anyone who has “gone to the well too often” can tell you the downside of overtraining. The Master lifter can afford very little error in the direction of overtraining. Sure, you can do it, but you will never reach your potential in meets. Trust me, this is experience talking.

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