Bringing inspiration down to earth

Sometimes life’s obstacles can seem overwhelming.  Who hasn’t felt disappointed, depressed, or that simply being normal was not something they were going to be able pull off.  Bringing inspiration down to earth can be very helpful to those who struggle with burdens that don’t involve saving the world, leaping tall buildings,  lifting incredible amounts of weight or generally being a superhero. We recently had a box member lose over 100 pounds within six months of starting CrossFit. He had been dragged there by two guys with whom he has been friends since kindergarten.  Several dozen Gym members did 100 burpees in honor of his achievements when he hit that 100 pound mark.  That was a superhero type effort for everyone.

The best way to lose weight and get in shape is to have the support of your friends.
The best way to lose weight and get in shape is to have support from friends.

CrossFit boxes can be a great place to get back in shape. They provide structured exercise, dietary advice and support, but most of all it provides a community that will support you in your goals.  That could be losing a large amount of weight or it could be something smaller.  Like getting your first pull-up, first muscle-up, first lift with the big girl weights. The video link below is about someone else. This guy improved his life using yoga, rather than Cross Fit. But I think he, and “John” (our guy) might have had a lot in common. Glad this has been shared. Warm best wishes to all.

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