CrossFit Box: Finding the Right Fit. Making it Fit Right.

Finding the right box may take a little work.  If you live in an area with few options, you may need to work on making things work for you.  We Masters are different than younger athletes who are still developing their individual identities, looking for leaders, looking to become leaders and prone to basing their sense-of-self on affiliation. These are normal things for young people to do and is something they have likely done since paleolithic times. It can be heart warming and touching for Masters Athletes to watch these factors in play at their CrossFit boxes. We remember.

It might be helpful for young trainers and box owners to understand that we’ve been through this already, and that even if we are suffering from a mid-life crisis at the moment, wanting to lose weight and get healthier, we are still less likely to adhere to party lines.  We might come off as stubborn examples of what is wrong with the world.  Hounding or yelling like a drill-sergeant is unlikely to motivate us, although some of us might laugh. Its not personal, and we still like you. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t. Try to see us as wise. You might learn something.  At the least, you might keep more of your older athletes.  That’s a good thing.  We are more likely to have stable, well-paying jobs, and more likely to bring in friends and family who will be reliable sources of income.

Rodrigo DeAlba and Scott Briscoe of 210 Crossfit in San Antonio, TX.

As for new Masters, or anyone new to CrossFit, joining a box can be like joining a social club.  Now that CrossFit has spread so widely you might be able to shop around a bit and see what the general tone is.  They can vary quite a bit and have very different personalities.  Some will be laid back, friendly and supportive like CrossFit Lawrence in Kansas and CrossFit Seven in Fort Worth.  Some will offer excellent coaching and technical expertise by Highly Ranked CrossFit Athletes (CrossFit Iron Horse and CrossFitEST both in the Dallas-Fort Worth TX area).  Others will be hardcore, and efficient (CrossFit Hingham in Hingham, MA). Most will be a mix of different things.  Try out several and withhold judgement for a little while.  The CrossFit scene can look intimidating at first.  Don’t let it phase you.  Once you get to know the people involved you will probably find them to be sincere, idealistic, goofy and fun.  And, yes, sometimes a little young.

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