CrossFit in Fort Worth, TX. CrossFit Iron Horse.

CrossFit Iron Horse is located in Fort Worth Texas and is the home box of one of CrossFit’s top ranked individual female competitors, Candice Ruiz. While Candice is a stubborn competitor she is very mellow and perceptively encouraging as a coach. She is one of the best trainers we’ve seen yet. She can break down complex moves, like muscle-ups, and demonstrate each step while simultaneously explaining all the fine points. It is frankly worth taking a trip over the Iron Horse just to get a chance to work with Candice.

Iron Horse (CrossFit in Fort Worth) Members talk about how getting beaten by a girl is not as bad as they expected it to be.

Jason Castillo, who co-owns Iron Horse along with Candice Ruiz and Jared Isaacs, is a certified Olympic Weight Lifting Coach in addition to being CrossFit certified. He is as strong and solid as a bulldozer, but wasn’t born that way. So don’t be intimidated by his massiveness.  Iron Horse welcomes people of all abilities and all walks of life.

Jared Isaacs, also a co-owner, has additional certifications in Movement and Mobility and is a certified USA Weightlifting coach. Chris Lofland, another Iron Horse trainer is CrossFit certified for CrossFit in Gymnastics and CrossFit in kids.  Iron Horse also has the rare luxury of a resident Massage Therapist, Tony Ruiz.

A kids martial arts program is next door. If you are visiting from out of town or just want to check them out and see what they are like you can call and see when you can drop in. You can also register to drop in online.

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