CrossFit in home: without the Box

How to do CrossFit wtihout the box.

CrossFit without a box?  CrossFit memberships can be expensive, especially if there are several family members involved.  Some boxes have family rates.  But not all.  It recently came to our attention that a new, nearby CrossFit Gym is requiring at least a six month contract.  They also charge more than our home box, CrossFit Seven in Fort Worth, TX, which has a monthly fee.  And more than the other local boxes, some of which we have reviewed here.  I don’t know how many other boxes are using automatic billing systems designed for some martial arts businesses and globogyms.  I’m sure it helps increase revenue.  However, those billing companies can be obnoxious.  We were charged for over a year by one after we our contract had expired and we declined to renew.  We had to take legal action to stop harassment and compounding interest charges.

CrossFit at home.

Sure its possible to CrossFit at home without having a box.  A lot of people have their own equipment and do their own programming. All it takes is dedication, and sometimes a bit of ingenuity. You can reach out to friends and acquaintances and start your own informal CrossFit group.  Here is an example of a challenging and effective Crossfit workout at home, in Vancouver, Canada.   Vancouver also has an amazing CrossFit School.  It is worth taking a look.

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