CrossFit in Lawrence, KS. CrossFit Lawrence

Crossfit Lawrence, in Lawrence, KS ( is a great place to go if you want to feel welcome and encouraged, no matter what your age. The trainers, Thomas (the owner), Kyle, and Andrew are all pretty young but seem to get a lot of pleasure out of seeing everyone succeed. They are sticklers for technique, and give excellent advice to improve strength, speed and endurance. If they think you are risking injury with poor technique, they will stop you mid-WOD and correct the problem.  Click this link to see a video of a Thomas getting interviewed by the local news.

CrossFit in Lawrence, KS with CrossFit Lawrence.

 Mobility is a huge part of this CrossFit box and is strongly encouraged for everyone. Arrive for class at least 15 minutes early if you can to take advantage of the pre-warmup mobility work suggested for that day’s WOD. We do post-WOD mobility work too. Scaling is encouraged when
appropriate. Can’t jump a 20” box? A twelve inch and a 16 inch box are also available. Bars are set at heights for the very short and very tall, and those of us in between, for pull ups, etc. There are two 35-pound “womens” barbells for folks with smaller hands. If you need to bring your kids along, they’re welcome too. The office/lounge area adjacent to the WOD space has a flat screen TV and designated wall space for kids to hang art work they might do while waiting for their parents. Thomas has even been known to pull all the cushions off the couches and help the kids set up a fort to play in while they wait. Andrew is CrossFit Kids certified and there are classes for kids too. Two things Thomas can’t abide are bragging and complaining, so please leave those at the door.  

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