CrossFit in School: how Vancouver is Professionalizing CrossFit

CrossFit Vancouver offers professional CrossFit Training and has a professional vision:

1) Get students fitter than they have ever been and stay that way for the rest of their lives 
2) Train apprentice coaches and business owners to become excellent at their profession
3) Reduce coach burnout and increase revenue per hour worked so that fitness trainers can have a lifelong career, own homes and raise families while providing continuity  in the fitness industry.” 

I can see a lot of value in this.  Being fit is good.  Having well-trained coaches is great.  Especially for people new to crossfit training.This is important to reduce injuries and avoid lawsuits.  Skill in coaching varies tremendously by box.  Basically, anyone with a few thousand dollars can get certified as a CrossFit trainer.  This is a very good reason to shop around.  (The other good reason is to find a place where you feel welcome and comfortable).  CrossFit trainers and Gym Owners love what they do.  It can be very hard to make a living doing what you, and a lot of other people, love.  There are some strong parallels with Outward Bound instructors.  Outward Bound instructors love wilderness and working with people.  Most are extremely dedicated and loyal to the organization as well.  But it was a very uncertain life.  And almost impossible to stay with for more than a few years.  No health insurance, no retirement, continuing employment uncertain.  Owning a home and raising a family: a dream for many that could only be achieved by moving on.  

CrossFit Training and the Professional CrossFit Trainer

High Quality CrossFit Training is very important.  Everyone would benefit, especially those new to CrossFit. Problems with professionalizing CrossFit trainers is that it might drive the cost up and make participation difficult for many people.  One of the many things I love about CrossFit is the mix of people.  Different ages, levels of education, professions, and income levels.  Is it possible to create stable lives for trainers?  My guess is that they will need to open their own gyms or move on.  Or possibly include CrossFit in other contexts: schools for example, would do well with CrossFit.  The answer might be getting CrossFit into colleges and universities.  

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