CrossFit in Small Business: Callus Clothing

Callus Clothing’s Ryan Yaeger is a welding sculptor as well as a firefighter, athlete, designer and jack-of-all trades.  Sculpture (and welding) may be his true calling.  Most of his 3-D art work serves a useful purpose.  For example, buildings, storage and furniture.  Here is a photograph of his current work in progress.  At the moment it is called “Desk”. Yaeger is also able to build CrossFit sleds and has made a few for CrossFit Seven, the oldest CrossFit in Fort Worth.  The model he makes is similar to The Dog Sled made by Rogue Fitness.  If you are in Fort Worth or the Dallas-Fort Worth area he can make one for you and save you the shipping charges. 

“Desk” A work in progress by Ryan Yaeger of Callus Clothing.

If you are interested in scrap metal art, sculpture or CrossFit Sleds you can contact Yaeger at

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