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CrossFit Seven Athletes and The WODMasters Kettlebell Shirt

Five CrossFit Seven Super Models in Kettlebell shirts

Five members of the CrossFit Seven Super Model Team recently had a once in a life time opportunity to the first CrossFit Athletes to try out the latest WODMasters crossfit Shirts. As far as we know, this was the first modelling job any of them have ever had. Yet, here they are:

Crossfit shirt for women.  The American Mona Lisa Kettlebell Shirt

Hazel sports a WODMasters American Mona Lisa athletic top. A Kettlebell shirt.

Introducing Hazel.  You wouldn’t think it but Hazel has the most amazing blue eyes.  According to the rumor mill, she can also deadlift 490 pounds, has a 160 pound snatch and can run faster than the wind.  Here she is sporting a WODMasters American Mona Lisa and Her Kettlebell Shirt.  Hazel is tall, slender and strong.  She is wearing a size Medium.  The shirt itself is soft and form flattering, allowing for unfettered movement.  Hazel looks very stylish in this shirt, whether she is doing butterfly pull-ups, Turkish get ups or just staggering over to the water cooler post WOD.    Like Hazel, the shirt is quietly mischievous.


CrossFit Shirt Kettlebell Shirt Stars and Stripes Eye Pood ipood

Lori sports a WODMasters Stars and Stripes Eye Pood Kettlebell Shirt

Introducing Lori:  Lori has been doing CrossFit for about two years.   Its hard to find models with lats, pecs and shoulders, but we finally found her.  Lori has been active in womens sports her entire life, and currently makes her living as an Athletic Trainer.   Lori’s WODMasters shirt features four layers of different colored early 19th century American flags with a central eye-bearing Kettlebell.  This is our American Eye Pood Kettlebell Shirt design.   The shirt proudly announces that the wearer is a WODMASTER on the back.  The inside collar features our WODMasters Mona Lisa Logo.  Like Hazel’s shirt above, The American Eye Pood shirt is made from American Apparel Tri-Blend Track Fabric and has a form-flattering Athletic cut.


Eye Pood Kettlebell Shirt Crossfit Shirt

The Eye Pood Kettlebell Shirt

Introducing Anonymous.  This fit, beautiful mom-to-be is wearing our classic Eye Pood Kettlebell shirt design.  While not originally designed as CrossFit Maternity Wear, we think it looks pretty damn good on her.  The classic Eye Pood shirt is available for both men and women.  The mens Eye Pood Kettlebell shirts have an athletic mens cut.  The womens shirts are made from the same American Apparel Tri-Blend Fabric as our other new womens shirts.  They also have an athletic cut, lovely drape, and soft texture.   The Eye Pood Kettlebell shirts also say WODMASTER on the back and feature our WODMasters Mona Lisa design inside the back collar.

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