Diet Paleo vs. Diet Junk Food: A short video on diets and economics

Diet Paleo vs. Diet Junk Food.

Diet Paleo? Our lady of the kettlebells shirt crossfit women

Diet Paleo or Diet Junk Food? Our Lady of the Kettlebells Shirt for Women

You can diet Paleo by adhering strictly to several popular diet books.  Or you can diet Paleo by eating whatever you imagine your forebears might have eaten.  For some of us that would have included a lot of tree bark in the early spring, the bounty of summer insects, nuts in the fall and winter, shellfish and an occasional bite of carrion, buffalo, or aurochs.  Whatever was available where you happened to be.  But what about now?  What determines what people eat when the variety is overwhelming?  Many of us do what is easiest and fastest.  Totally reasonable.  Many of us also choose what we are used to.  How our families ate.  And how the people around us eat.  As anyone who has suffered the pain of bringing your carefully fed, healthy child to kindergarten knows, there are powerful social forces at play in food choice.  What about simple economics?  Is a healthy diet too expensive for some people?

Diet Paleo vs. Diet Junk Food:  How do costs compare?

The video below was put together by Academic Earth.  Academic Earth is a website that has put together a lot of different resources for information and education.  They have links to online courses from many different universities.  They also have video lectures.  And other resources.
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Here is Academic Earth’s description of the video:
“According to Dr. James Hill, director of the Center of Human Nutrition at Colorado Health Sciences University, “Genes don’t make us obese. They allow us to be obese.” If our genes aren’t to blame for this rise in obesity, what is? Recent research suggests that socioeconomic class can impact our bodies as much as genetics, and may be a more accurate predictor for a variety of future health issues, including obesity. Check out this video to learn more about how American policies, like food subsidies, have had a direct role in driving our current obesity crisis.”
Diet Paleo or Diet Junk Food?

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