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Do it yourself CrossFit Gear: plyo boxes, rings, racks, pull-up bars and more.

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Do it yourself CrossFit Gear.

Wish we’d looked into this earlier.  Its great to have your own garage gym and equipment.  And great to have your own while training for the CrossFit Games.  Or other competition.  Or just so you can have the freedom to workout at home. We were looking for do it yourself CrossFit Gear instructions for box jumps and came upon two inspiring and fascinating websites.  Each shows how to get a good start on outfitting your own gym.

We think the links below are also great for adding some very inexpensive equipment to your box.  This way you can spend your money on stuff you really can’t or shouldn’t make on your own.  The instructions are easy to follow and a perfect blend of ingenuity and laziness.  Click that link back there for ideas on how to fix stuff.  The link also gives information on how to grill lots of hot dogs at the same time using a rake.

Links for Do it Yourself CrossFit Gear.

  • Plyometric Box for box jumps.  But that can also double as a GHD machine.
  • Medicine ball (wall ball with the dimensions of a basketball).  This one is very clever and cool.  You will have to see it.
  • Weight Rack so you can keep your plates organized.  And  they will be easier to pick up.  This one is probably the most inexpensive piece of gear you can make on your own.  No tools are required.
  • Rings for ring dips and muscle ups.  Requires duct tape.
  • Squat and Bench Stand (This is awesome and environmentally sound because it has recycled written all over it.)
  • Pull-up Bars and Pull-up bar systems:  This system was designed by Brandon Heavey of Crossfit 626.
  • Parallelettes (low to the ground parallel bars made from PVC pipes)  Also designed by Brandon Heavey
  • Pulling Blocks / Jerk Blocks by Brandon Heavey.  Website includes instructional videos.



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