Free Spartan Race giveway contest

2015 Free Spartan Race Giveaway is Here

If you’ve always wanted to do a Spartan Race . . . here is your chance to do it for free.  Our contest starts at midnight June 22, 2015 and ends July 27, 2015. Enter to win a free race entry by clicking on our “Raffles” tab.  You will have three options and you can do all of them.  Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram or Follow us on Twitter.  You will be automatically entered to win.  The winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter.  The last time we ran this raffle we had an overwhelming 11 entries.  Your chances of winning may be just as good this year.

This free Spartan Race Giveaway is fully sanctioned by The Spartan Race aka. Reebok Spartan Race. The winner will be provided with a code that can be used on the Reebok Spartan race website to register for a Spartan Race anywhere. Challenge yourself. Or challenge a friend.

In their own words:
Spartan Race™
World’s Best Obstacle Race. Period.
Born in the scenic hills of Vermont, Spartan Race was created to bring the excitement of obstacle racing to spectators and athletes alike. That means you.
Spartan Race is a true adventure that anyone can do, and everyone should try. With course lengths of 3+miles (Sprint), 8+miles, (Super) and 12+miles (Beast) each course is filled with mud, water, and signature obstacles designed to help you discover your inner Spartan. Athletes of all fitness levels will enjoy participating in a Spartan Race and the feeling of accomplishment that comes at the finish line.
Spartan Race even has events for kids. We believe that fitness and adventure should involve the whole family. Come out and watch your kids run, jump, and climb like children were meant to do all in their own Spartan Kids race.
For those that want a more team based experience Spartan Race has the Hurricane Heat and for the truly adventurous the Hurricane Heat 12 Hour. The Hurricane Heat takes you out of the individual role and has you work with a group of complete strangers to complete tasks designed to bring you together as a team. Those that have done the Hurricane Heat have often done multiple across the country, making friends for life along the way.
Not sure you are ready to run a Spartan Race? It’s ok we have everything you need to get you ready: Spartan SGX training, workouts-of-the-day, nutrition tips to help you eat better, and free workouts held in cities all over the country. Spartan Race is not only the worlds best obstacle race (period), but can be a complete lifestyle overhaul.
So even if you’ve tried a trail race, mud run, obstacle race, or adventure race it’s time to try a Spartan Race. Unlike other obstacle races we offer something for everyone. So sign-up, gear-up and find out why we say…
You’ll know at the finish line.”