Introduction to Research Blogging: a new project

Just wanted to let people know I’m working on a new course.  This semester’s Honors Biology students are the first participants (subjects).  All are required to start a blog on a research topic and add to it regularly.  For this run, topics have been assigned to them.  I’ve found a lot of students spend a lot of time agonizing over what topic to choose, and more than you’d think simply copy a lot of material, borrow papers from another student, or submit one from a previous class.  However, if a student has a strong desire to write on a topic other than the one assigned that is OK too. 

The author serves as a research subject in a hypoxia study at the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center, School of Public Health.

Student blogs will be listed on the Biology  Blogging website so they can learn from each other and get ideas.  The blog Environment, Chemical Exposures, Nutrition, and Health (that’s this one) will be used as an example.

Here are this semester’s topics

Bisphenol A
Lead poisoning
Mercury poisoning
Arsenic and drinking water
SLUDGE syndrome
Particulates and Heart Disease
Particulates and Asthma
Plants and Animals
Biology of the Great Pacific Garbage Gyre
Lake Apopka Alligators
Atrazine and Frogs
Breeding endangered Rhinoceros
Invasive Pythons
Bio-remediation of perchlorate
Bee population changes
White Nose Syndrome
Zoonotic transmission
Intestinal parasites
Antler formation
Texas Horned Toads
Synergism of Tylenol and Alcohol
The hygiene hypothesis
Thyroid and Brain Development
West Nile Virus
Multi-drug resistance
The HeLa Cell Line

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