Living well: avoid canned and packaged foods.

Bisphenol A is commonly known as BPA. It is produced in large quantities for use in plastic products and to make linings for canned food. A growing body of research is uncovering some pretty serious concerns with BPA. Structurally, it resembles estrogen, the female sex hormone. The human body reacts to it in a manner that resembles its reaction to estrogen. BPA has been tested in lab animals. Human research has shown that what is happening to lab animals may be happening to people through every day use of canned food and other food packaging, contaminated drinking water, and by breathing dust. Most people(more than 90%)are exposed regularly and most of us are probably exposed every day. People with higher exposures have been found to be more likely to have cardiovascular disease, and to develop diabetes (Melzer et al. 2012). Children whose urine contained higher than average levels of BPA metabolites also had lower IQ scores (Coo-Churl et al. 2010). The effect was more noticeable in boys. These are good reasons to avoid canned and packaged foods and keep dust levels down.

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