WODMASTERS Stiff Competition Workout Shirts

Mens/Unisex Eye Pood Shirt for the Stiff and Inflexible

Our Classic Eye Pood Shirt is fresh off the press and ready to ship.  The shirt features our all-seeing kettlebell against a starry night sky and a stark landscape.  The shirt makes a quiet and dignified statement.    What more could we say, other than the fabric is soft, quick drying and luxurious.  The print quality is excellent.  People will be sure to ask “Where did you get that awesome shirt?”  And you’ll know you got it from us.  The WodMasters.

The shirts have an athletic cut.   If you have a powerful build order a size up.    Let us know about the design at the head of this post.  So far it has been deemed “too weird to print” on a shirt.   If enough people want one, we’ll print.

Mens Eye Pood Kettlebell Shirt

Mens Eye Pood Kettlebell Shirt

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