Review: Crossfit Dumbo, New York City.

CrossFit Dumbo

Crossfit Dumbo is named for the Brooklyn neighborhood “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.”  Dumbo is an up and coming, artsy, on-the-edge NYC Historic District.  If you are doing the tourist thing you can start in lower Manhattan and walk to Brooklyn traversing the Brooklyn Bridge.  Enjoy the views, scene and freshish air.  Crossfit Dumbo is located on the third floor of:
10 Jay St. Suite 304
Brooklyn New York 11201
He’s no master, but this guy
 could probably be yours for not too much.
It’s a little hard to find the entrance to the building, so be prepared to call from the street (347.533.2439) to ask someone to come down and show you.  The box was pretty new when we visited, with just the basics as far as equipment goes.  The people were great, and there were plenty of fellow WOD Masters.  Head Coach Darren Taylor has an impressive range of experience including serving as trainer for the Brooklyn Borough President and the Grammy winning Award Rap Group, Salt N Pepa.   If you are lucky, WODs include racing through the building’s hallways and stairs.  Definitely different than Texas. Oh, and they have awesome T-shirts.

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