Rowing tips

A lot of us have a tendency to be a little intense.  I’ve always enjoyed pushing myself to the sheer edge of whatever cliff encountered.  When I started using the rower I would crank the resistance to the max and clench the seat with my biscuits to avoid flying off backwards.  It just didn’t feel right to row without really experiencing weight.  This will wear you down during a WOD, which may be the whole point of the thing, but if we are going to compete, efficiency matters. One of our most experienced rowers says the best approach is a smooth fast one.  I suppose that could be read a number of different ways.  I was afraid to ask. For competitive Crossfitters there are gains to be made by optimizing technique.  An interesting and detailed article, by rowing coach and Olympic Champion Bob Kaehler, highlights the importance of strength in optimizing rowing performance and provides great insight on the importance of technique. 

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