RxAnalythics, The Science Behind the Sweat and Optimizing Training for the CrossFit Athlete.

RxAnalytics was started by two CrossFit-ing Scientists,  Deepak Gopalakrishna holds advanced degrees in genetics and physiology and Dr. Daniel Samarov, who holds a PhD in statistics and whose research is in the field of machine learning.  Both are long-term CrossFitters, driven, detail oriented and into the science of training.

Amie Taylor (right) Coaches at CrossFit Seven in Fort Worth

Daniel and Deepak have both competed at various levels. Deepak in the 2010 CrossFit Games and Daniel at several Mid-Atlantic Regionals.  Like most high-level CrossFit competitors (and like a lot of us not as high level people) they put a lot into fine tuning their training.  They are also incredibly smart, know how to collect data and use it.  They have spent a lot of time and effort to derive evidence-based algorithms that will allow a user to enter their workouts, PRs and then predict future performance. The algorithms use these predictive features to identify specific weaknesses and movement biases in each individual in order to provide individualized recommendations. They have also created a very user-friendly way to track workouts for the everyday CrossFitter.  

ScienceBehindSweat.com is a worth your time because:
  • First of all, the non-evidence-based programs can be unpredictable and inaccurate.  We do not recommend them.  They will either leave you frustrated or give you an undeserved sense of achievement that will be sure to embarrass you later.
  • Second, the program will show you where your weaknesses are and what muscle groups need attention.  Continuing to add workouts and PRs into the RxAnalytics database allows the algorithm to recalculate and re-evaluate your future performance.  Basically the more you use it — the better it gets at predicting your strengths and weaknesses.  This is a huge help in training as you can easily monitor your performance over the course of months or even years. 
  • A lot of us are interested in not getting injured.  RxAnalytics will be able to tell you where your vulnerabilities are, where you might be developing deficiencies, and warn you of potential injuries.
  • It can access WODs from your local Box if your affiliate registers (so get them to reach out)
  • The more people who join and use the site, the more accurately RxAnalytics will be able to calculate the best strategy for your training.
  • It’s free. 

Computer-based training programs are growing in sophistication and will change the way we manage our health, well-being and performance.  

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