“Experienced as Hell” Womens Racerback Tank


  • Resilient Racerback Tank for Women
  • Resilient tri-blend fabric keeps its shape and holds a nice drape
  • Bubble Gum Pink color lets you look as powerfully feminine as you are strong
  • Cobalt Blue expresses the depths of your power
  • Summer Violet shows how cool you are when you’re hot
  • Deep Dark Purple . . . just plain awesome.
  • Check out the Experienced as Hell Mens tanks and T-shirts for men who appreciate Experience
  • An Original WODMASTERS slogan (copyright 2013)
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Womens racerback tworkout tank original:  Experienced as Hell.   Resilient fabric holds up under the stress of repeated workouts and washes . . . yet remains soft against the skin. The quick-drying tri-blend will keep you look strong and experienced.  Perfect as a Crossfit womens tank, Kettlebell womens tank . . . Hell, its perfect for all strong and aspiring strong women.  Originally designed for masters Crossfit athletes this tank top has proven to be highly popular with anyone who has been around the block at least once.

The“Experienced as Hell” womens racerback workout tank

Check out all our colors and designs.  We also have “Experienced as HELL” tanks and shirts for men on the men’s page. The mens Experienced as Hell tanks are just as rugged as the women’s.

Note:  While we enjoy Crossfit, among other activities, we don’t make an official Reebok CrossFit womens racerback tank. If you’d rather go with a name brand Reebok CrossFit womens racerback tank you can check their website.  Our womens racerback tank is cooler though and is classier.

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