Mona Lisa Hits The Bells


Art quality print featuring Mona Lisa hoisting a set of 50 pound kettlebells.  Fabric is tri-blend American Apparel (not crazy about American Apparel’s advertising, but it beats supporting sweatshops.  Let us know if you have suggestions for another shirt supplier).

  • Shirts for crossfit women, strong women and the men who think they are awesome.
  • Our Mona Lisa design features Leonardo DaVinci’s iconic Mona Lisa with Kettlebells
  • And for our strictly Kettlebell fans
  • Printed in high detail on soft, tri-blend athletic fabric.  50% polyester, 25% modal, 25% cotton.
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Note: this is not an official CrossFit shirt. None of our designs are official CrossFit shirts. Official CrossFit shirts are sold by Reebok-CrossFit.




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