Womens Workout Shirt: Birth of Venus and Her Kettlebells


Printed on high quality tri-blend fabric.  The design blends elements of Botticelli’s Birth of Spring, an early 19th Century American Flag, and the upper body of one of our favorite CrossFit women athletes.  Order a size up if you shoulders and lats.

  • Retains shape and strength
  • Luxuriously comfortable and durable
  • Fine texture and form-flattering drape
  • Cotton, Bamboo, Polyester Blend
  • Athletic Style
  • Runs Small
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The WODMasters started as a small group of masters crossfit athletes. We wanted high quality shirts that fit well and looked good. We wanted crossfit shirts that went beyond telling everyone we had great snatches, could squat, beat up other children’s parents and/or were covered with death skulls. We wanted crossfit shirts that were about us. We also wanted womens workout shirts that were high-quality and cool.  So we made our own.

Womens Workout Shirts by WODMasters

We started up about five years ago, in 2009. We now design and produce unique, high-quality athletic shirts. They are ideal crossfit shirts in that they are crossfit themed and made by people who do crossfit. They are also ideal apparel all those who are stiff, inflexible and off-beat. We are not affiliated with CrossFit the brand. Or with Reebok CrossFit. We are our own thing.  Our members now include mountain bikers, kettlebell fiends, swimmers, and adventurers of all types.

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We also write and talk about nutrition, health, fitness, aches and pains, and adventure expeditions and how to stay tough and have fun. WODMasters creates and provides original content. If you would like to use it please reference our site and provide a link.  Dr.op us a note too if you’d like to contribute


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