Test questions and funny answers

1.Aflatoxin is a molecule produced by some white molds. It is a very powerful liver carcinogen. Aflatoxin is common in countries where humidity cannot be controlled in storage of corn and peanuts. Clay will absorb aflatoxin and prevent it from entering the blood stream. Design a double-blind study to test the effectiveness of clay supplements in preventing liver cancer. The study must be ethical. (you cannot give anyone aflatoxin). 20 points.

“Go to a country with high humidity. Pick a sample group that lives with a high amount of clay. a group with a low amount of clay and a group with absolutely no clay. Keep these people in confined spaces and test them periodically for cancer.”

 2. Acetylcholinesterase is an enzyme important in neurotransmission. The Enzyme activity of acetylcholinesterase varies with temperature. Cold blooded animals cannot control their body temperatures the way we do. How might cold-bloodedness affect seasonal behavior?

 “Cold blooded animals like polar bears will not survive hot summers because first of all their thick fur, extra body fat and then their red blood cells.”

Funny things from student papers.

1.  “A woman flushes out unfertilized egg and the uterine lining during her period, and a chicken expels unfertilized eggs during her menstruation that we then eat. When it occurred to me that we are essentially eating chicken periods, it greatly disturbed me.”

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