Visiting CrossFit in Pasadena, California: CrossFit CrossFit and Olympic Weight Lifting

CrossFit CrossFit and Olympic Lifting

CrossFit Pasadena has a friendly, open feel to it and a good community.  Its also close enough to CalTech that you could run or bike over and back.  CalTech also has its own CrossFit club if you are thinking of working or going to school there.

Here’s a little bit about CrossFit Pasadena:

  • They are located in old downtown Pasadena: 
  • 25 West Valley Street,
    Pasadena, CA 91105  Phone: 626.405.2320
  • Box is spacious and well-equipped
  • Pull-up bars have a wide diameter which made pullups a bit more challenging than usual, but that was a good experience.  Might be good to practice on varying diameter bars if possible to improve grip strength.
  • The Owner, is a very good-natured, friendly guy who likes offensive T-shirts.  Bring him one from your home box in XXL and he will waive the $25 drop-in fee.  
CrossFit Pasadena’s Trainer Johnny (left) with offensive shirt message blotted out.  Coach Bob Takano is on the right.

The best thing CrossFit Pasadena has to offer may well be USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame Coach Bob Takano.  Two of us recently had an opportunity to get some coaching from him.   Bob has been lifting since he was a kid in the early sixties, has coached a number of champions and is a gifted teacher.  He also has a dry, understated sense of humor.  If you get a chance to take a workshop with him, or drop in to CrossFit Pasadena where he coaches lifters in the evenings, be sure to keep your ears open for subtle jokes.  And listen to what he tells you about your lifting too.

If you are going to do CrossFit get good at olympic weightlifting.  It is important for injury prevention.  It will also help you improve your ability to perform well during WODs and do well at next year’s CrossFit Open Competition.  We highly recommend spending a little time and money getting specialized coaching.  Masters tend to get overlooked at a lot of boxes.  We may be more likely to get hurt and it will definitely take us longer to recover.  CrossFit Pasadena combines CrossFit CrossFit with exceptional skills training.

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